An assortment of the finest spices packed and sealed in these air-tight glass jars without the use of any preservatives or added colours will add gourmet dining experience to your regular homecooking. These quality sprinklers elevate your homecooking to a fine dine experience. The two-way flip cap allows the spices to either be sprinkled on the dish or scooped generously as per requirement, by just an alternate flip of the cap in opposite directions. The shape of the jar is carved to enable a better grip while sprinkling or scooping the spices, and are reusable too.
White Pepper Powder 70g
Black Pepper Powder 50g
Cinnamon Powder 35g
Cloves Powder 45g
Crushed Black Pepper 50g
Curry Leaf Powder 40g
Garlic Powder 60g
Ginger Powder 30g
Lemongrass 25g
Mustard Powder 50g

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