About us

Simplyceylon is a venture founded by its sole proprietor, Prasanna Mudunkotuwa. The company was established in December 2015. With several years of experience in the spice market, we have managed reached the global clientele with our extensive collection of superior-standard Ceylon spices. We stand among the best spice suppliers in Sri Lanka due to our focus in providing all-natural supplies in sustainable packaging.
Our range of Sri Lankan spices and other local ingredients include salt, cracked black pepper, black pepper powder, white pepper powder, whole black peppercorn, peppercorn medley, whole white peppercorn, cardamom, cloves,ginger powder, lemongrass powder, curry leaf powder, moringa powder and cashew nut.
Simply Ceylon guarantees the finest quality in Ceylon spices with the assurance of producing all-natural products bound to give the best results for the consumer, both in Sri Lanka and overseas.
Sri Lankan spices are popular for their unique features, tastes and health benefits. This is one of the major reasons for its popularity in the international arena. We provide sustainable packaging which are ideal to be sold in the local market as well as be exported for global trade organizations. As one of the best spice suppliers in Sri Lanka, we have put together the most useful and beneficial spices and other local ingredients in the best type of packaging to sustain for an extended period of time.
Our spices, which are not only renowned for their flavor but also for their texture and aroma, have an assortment of benefits both in the culinary industry and herbal medicinal industry. Spices are a kitchen staple not only in Sri Lanka but all over the world. Apart from this, with the rise of herbal and Ayurveda medicine industry, spices have become an essential ingredient required to make the concoctions for these.